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13 Aug PMCA Sunday 10:00 Practice -08.08

Question: Suppose you have to evaluate an expression like A*B*C*D*E where A,B,C,D and E are matrices. Since matrix multiplication is associative, the order in which multiplications are performed is arbitrary.  However, the number of elementary multiplications needed strongly depends on the evaluation order you choose. For example,...

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11 Aug Markham Saturday 14:00 Java Homework 21.08.07.

Question: Given an array of unique integers salary where salary[i] is the salary of the employee i. Return the average salary of employees excluding the minimum and maximum salary. Example 1: Input: salary = [4000,3000,1000,2000] Output: 2500.00000 Explanation: Minimum salary and maximum salary are 1000 and 4000 respectively. Average salary excluding minimum...

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