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01 Oct Aurora Wednesday 18:30 Python Practice – 06 20.09.30.

Question 1: Continue coding the program we did in the class, so the program will tell you whether you can pay in the zone: height color zone if<90 red 1 elif<105 blue 1, 2 elif <120 green 1,2,3 elif <135 yellow 1,2,3,4,5 elif <150 purple 4,5 else white 6 Please continue coding the following program: print('Welcome to the adventureland!') while True: h = int(input('Height:'))    if h...

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01 Oct Aurora Saturday 14:30 Python Practice 20.09.26.

Question:Alice took a clean sheet of paper and drew h horizontal and v vertical lines onto the paper. The horizontal lines have y-coordinates y1,…,yh, and the vertical lines have x-coordinates x1,…,xv. Given these coordinates, count the number of squares that appeared on the paper. (The whole boundary of the square has to be drawn. The inside...

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