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TCMS 18:30 Python Homework 10.25

30 Oct TCMS 18:30 Python Homework 10.25

Question 1.

Write a program that asks for your name, then asks for your age, then prints a message with your name and age in it.

Input example:
What is your name? Kevin
What is your age? 12

Output example:
Kevin is 12 years old

Question 2.

Write a program that asks for two integer numbers, then displays the addition equation of these two numbers.

Input sample:
Number 1: 19
Number 2: 25

Output sample:
19 + 25 = 44

Use input() to ask question and get answer, for example:

num1 = input("Number 1: ")

However, you can only get string data type of answer. In order to get integer number as dimensions, you need to use int(input(…..)) which will convert from string answer into a integer number, for example:

num1 = int(input("Number 1: "))
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