TORONTO KIDS COMPUTER CLUB | PMCA Saturday 18:30 Python Homework 20.11.28.
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PMCA Saturday 18:30 Python Homework 20.11.28.

03 Dec PMCA Saturday 18:30 Python Homework 20.11.28.

In the previous class, we started building a quiz application. In the last class, we built the frame to add a question to the file storage. In this homework, you will build the tkinter frame/window for displaying the quiz questions to play the game. The example of the window is as below:

Make sure when you click the Play Button on the main application, it should open the quiz questions game.

Here is the link to the code.

Make sure to add the code to the class as below:

class PlayQuizFrame(Frame):
    # Please write the code for the play quiz frame here
    # homework code 2nd December 2020
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