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Monday Online Python Homework 05.23.

27 May Monday Online Python Homework 05.23.


Important!!!! Please read question through carefully, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me through weChat. The problem solving thinking of this question will help you understand future computer competition questions. 

You and your friend have come up with a way to send messages back and forth.
Your friend can encode a message to you by writing down a positive integer N and a symbol. You can decode that message by writing out that symbol N times in a row on one line.
Given a message that your friend has encoded, decode it.

Input Specification(please follow the input specification exactly!!)
The first line of input contains L, the number of lines in the message.
The next L lines each contain one positive integer less than 80, followed by one space, followed by a (non-space) character.

Output Specification(please follow the output specification exactly!!)
The output should be L lines long. Each line should contain the decoding of the corresponding line of the input. Specifically, if line i + 1 of the input contained N x, then line i of the output should contain just the character x printed N times.

Sample Input
9 +
3 –
12 A
2 X

Output for Sample Input


Again, please contact me if you do not understand the question!!!!

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