TORONTO KIDS COMPUTER CLUB | Friday 17:30 Python Practice – 22.09.30.
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Friday 17:30 Python Practice – 22.09.30.

04 Oct Friday 17:30 Python Practice – 22.09.30.

Question 1:
You are in a bike race which goes up and down a hill. You could create two variables: uphillDistance and downhillDistance give the distance (in km) of both parts of the race. Write a program that will print out the total distance for the entire race.

Sample Input:
Uphill distance: 3
Downhill Distance: 5

Sample Output:
The total distance is 8 km

Question 2:

Write a program that helps the user add up her change. The program should ask:

  • “How many quarters?”
  • “How many dimes?”
  •  “How many nickels?”

Then it should give the total value of the change

Sample Input:
How many quarters? 1
How many dimes? 2
How many nickels? 4

Sample Output: 
The total is $0.65
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