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Thursday Python 19:30

10 Apr Thursday 19:30 Python Practice – 23.04.06.

Question 1: We have a list of following: zoo = ['monkeys', 'tigers', 'pandas', 'penguins', 'giraffes', 'hippos', 'bears'] how to retrieve a slice of list zoo, so you can get the following results? ['tigers', 'pandas', 'penguins', 'giraffes'] ['hippos', 'bears'] Question 2: Using split and join function of the list to change string "green,red,yellow,blue," into string: "green...

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04 Mar Thursday 19:30 Python Practice – 23.03.02.

Question: Continue coding the program we did in the class, so the program will tell you whether you can pay in the zone: height color zone if<90 red 1 elif<105 blue 1, 2 elif <120 green 1,2,3 elif <135 yellow 1,2,3,4,5 elif <150 purple 4,5 else white 6 Please continue coding the following program: print('Welcome to the adventureland!') h = int(input('Height:')) if h < 90:    c = 'red' elif h <...

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