TORONTO KIDS COMPUTER CLUB | Aurora Monday 18:30 Python Homework 20.01.20.
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Aurora Monday 18:30 Python Homework 20.01.20.

23 Jan Aurora Monday 18:30 Python Homework 20.01.20.

Question 1:

Write a program to ask the user for five names. The program should store the names in a list, and print them all out at the end. It should look something like this:

Sample input:

Enter 5 names:

Sample output:

The names are Tony, Paul, Nick, Michel, Kevin


  • You can use for loop repeat 5 times to ask names
  • You could use list.append() to add name into the list, for example:
    >>> nameslist = []
    >>> name = input()
    >>> nameslist.append(name)
  • For better display result, you can use separator.join(list) to convert a list into one string, each item will be separated by the separator, for example:
    >>> nameslist = [‘Sam’,’Kevin’,’Joe’]
    >>> str_name = “, “.join(nameslist)
    (after this str_name would be ‘Sam, Kevin, Joe‘)

Question 2:

Modify the program from question #1 to display only the third name the user typed in, like this:

Sample output:

The third name you entered is: Nick

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