TORONTO KIDS COMPUTER CLUB | Canadian Computing Competition (CCC) Registration
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Canadian Computing Competition (CCC) Registration

20 Jan Canadian Computing Competition (CCC) Registration

加拿大计算机竞赛 (CCC) 注册信息及相关信息
Canadian Computing Competition (CCC) Registration Information

(Contest information for Toronto Kids Computer Club ONLY)

地点 Location: 菲利普数学国际象棋学校Philip Math Chess Academy
1033 McNicoll Ave, Scarborough, ON M1W 3W6
比赛日期Contest Dates: Feb 12, 2020
比赛时间Contest Time: 6:30pm – 9:30pm
联系电话 Phone: 416-722-5778

报名截至日期 Registration Deadline:Feb 04, 2020
报名费用Fee: $8

注册及竞赛信息Registration and other detailed information:
(请仔细阅读Please read carefully)

    1. 竞赛为在线考试形式,并有现场监考老师全程监考。参赛的学生必须在指定的时间,到指定的地点参加考试。
      The contest is completed online in schools. Students should write the contest at the time and location specified above by your supervising teacher.
    2. 到以上指定赛场考试的学生,请在参加比赛的学生请在注册截至日期之前,点击以下链接建立加拿大计算机竞赛的学生账号:
      Please register for an account on the CCC Grader:
      and fill out the necessary information. The biographical information on that page should be self-explanatory. You will need to your school’s number”, which is what was used to register your school for the CCC. Our school Number is: 056903621
    3. 建立好账号后,竞赛老师会对学生账号进行授权,授权完成后,学生会收到包含如下信息的Email:
      The supervising teacher will need to authenticate you as a student. Once you are authenticated, you will receive an email message of the form:Your account in the CCC Contest System has been created.
      You can log in at
      Your username is “XXXXXXX” and your password is the one you chose during registration.
      Good luck on the contest!

      这时学生就可以登陆到CCC Grader并可以提交考题的答案了。
      You can then login to the CCC Grader and submit solutions to contests.

    4. CCC Online Grader是进行加拿大计算机竞赛的在线系统。完成注册的学生,在正式竞赛之前,可以登录到CCC Grader上对以前历年的试题进行练习,点击以下链接,了解如何使用CCC Grader进行练习:

      CCC Online Grader is the system used to run the Canadian Computing Competition. After registration, student could login to CCC Online Grader to practice problems and previous contests. Full details can be found in the following link:
      click here >>> How to use the CCC Grader

    5. **重要** 请仔细阅读以下链接,了解在竞赛的时候,如何使用CCC Grader进行考试:
      **Important** Please read the following link for learning how to write “live” contests using the CCC Grader:
      click here >>> How to write live contests

    6. 编程语言要求Language:
      所有的学生必须使用CCC Online Grader。CCC Online Grader目前支持C, C++, Python (2.x和3.x), Pascal, Java, Perl, 以及PHP.
      All students must use the CCC Online Grader. The CCC Online Grader currently supports C, C++, Python (2.x and 3.x), Pascal, Java, Perl, and PHP.
    7. **重要 Important**竞赛规则Rules:
      All students should familiarize themselves with the CCC Rules which encompass implementation details, submission limitations, provided feedback, scoring details and use of the Internet, references and other tools during the competition:
      click here >>> rules


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