TORONTO KIDS COMPUTER CLUB | PMCA Sunday 14:00 Python Homework 21.07.25.
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PMCA Sunday 14:00 Python Homework 21.07.25.

29 Jul PMCA Sunday 14:00 Python Homework 21.07.25.

Write code to animate a rectangle in the same way we animated the circle. Make sure that the rectangle moves from left to right and also from right to left. Also move the rectangle from up to down and down to up.

You can use the below starting code:

# write code to create a rectangle/square
# animate the rectange to move in the x-direction
import pygame, sys, random


screen_height = 480
screen_width = 640
screen=pygame.display.set_mode([screen_width, screen_height])

#create the variables
rect_x = 10
rect_y = 30
speed_x = 10
speed_y = 10
clock = pygame.time.Clock() # help us control, how fast the animation is going
while True:
    for event in pygame.event.get():
        if event.type == pygame.QUIT:

    # write animation code
    # step 1 is clear the previous animation (fill the screen again )

    # step 2 is to update the rect_x and rect_y position

    # step 3 is to write the conditions for when the rectangle goes
    # out of the screen

    # step 4 to draw the actual rectangle
    pygame.draw.rect(screen, [30,100,200], [rect_x, rect_y, 50, 50])

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