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PMCA Sunday 14:00 Python Homework 20.02.02.

06 Feb PMCA Sunday 14:00 Python Homework 20.02.02.

Question 1

Mike, Cindy and Terry went to the orchard to pick apples. After a whole day of work, everyone picked a lot of apples. Please write a program ask how many apples each person has picked, then print the total apples all three of them have picked.

Sample Input:
Mike: 310
Cindy: 344
Terry: 260

Sample Output:
There are 904 apples in total

You could use m = int(input(‘Mike: ‘)) to ask question. The answer you give to the question as a value will be assigned to the variable m.

Question 2.

The scientists just created a spaceship for travelling between planets. You could use the formula distance = speed * time to calculate the distance the spaceship can travel during a period of time. Write a program ask user the speed(km/hour) and travel time(hour) to display the distance the spaceship have traveled.

Sample Input 1:
What is the speed: 40000
How many hours: 2

Sample Output 1:
The spaceship has traveled 80000 km in 2 hours

Sample Input 2:
What is the speed: 30000
How many hours: 12

Sample Output 2:
The spaceship has traveled 360000 km in 12 hours

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