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PMCA Saturday 18:30 Python Homework 11.23

27 Nov PMCA Saturday 18:30 Python Homework 11.23

Question 1:

Vehicles are classified based on their total interior volume. Write a program to classify a vehicle based on total interior volume, in cubic feet, as shown in the table below:

Vehicle size class Total interior volume
Minicompact Less than 85 cubic feet
Subcompact 85 to 99 cubic feet
Compact 100 to 109 cubic feet
Mid-Size 110 to 119 cubic feet
Large 120 cubic feet or more

Sample Input 1:
Total interior volume: 80

Sample Output 1:

Sample Input 2:
Total interior volume: 115

Sample Output 2:

Question 2:

A soccer team is looking for girls from ages 10 to 12 to play on their team. Write a program to ask the user’s age and if male or female (using “m” or “f”). Display a message indicating whether the person is eligible to play on the team.

Sample Input 1:
Age: 10
Gender: f

Sample Output 1:
Welcome to the girl’s soccer team!

Sample Input 2:
Age: 13
Gender: f

Sample Output 2:
You are not allowed to join!

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