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2021 Winter Camp -03

22 Dec 2021 Winter Camp -03

You can do Question 1~ 3 in Python IDLE:

Question 1.

Use float() to create a number from a string like ‘12.34’. Make sure the result is really a number!

Question 2.

Try using int() to create an integer from a decimal number like 56.78. Did the answer get rounded up or down?

Question 3.

Try using int() to create an integer from a string. Make sure the result is really an integer!

You could create python file and Write program for following questions, detailed instructions as below:

  • Open Python IDLE
  • In Menu Bar, Click “File” => “New File” (important!!!)
  • Write your program in the new file
  • After finishing writing the program, click “Run”=>”Run Module” in menu bar or just press “F5”
  • Python will ask you save the file before run the program
  • Check your code and fix the errors.

Question 4.

Write a program that asks for your first name, then asks for your last name, and then prints a message with your first and last names in it.

Sample Input:
What is your first name? Kevin
What is your Last name? Zhu

Sample Output: 
(it means if user enters the above answer as Kevin for first name and Zhu for last name, 
then the following information will be printed out)
Your name is Kevin Zhu

Use input() to ask question and get answer, for example:

firstName = input("What is your first name?")

The string answer as value will be assigned to variable firstName.

Question 5.

Write a program that asks for the dimensions (length and width) of a rectangular room, and then calculates and displays the total amount(area) of carpet needed to cover the room.

Sample Input:
Length: 5.2
Width: 2.4

Sample Output: 
Carpet need: 12.48

Use input() to ask question and get answer, however, you can only get string data type of answer. In order to get decimal number as dimensions, you need to use float(input(…..)) which will convert from string answer into a decimal number, for example:

w = float(input('Width: '))

Question 6.

Write a program that helps the user add up her change. The program should ask:

  • “How many quarters?”
  • “How many dimes?”
  •  “How many nickels?”

Then it should give the total value of the change

Sample Input:
How many quarters? 1
How many dimes? 2
How many nickels? 4

Sample Output: 
The total is $0.65
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