TORONTO KIDS COMPUTER CLUB | Thursday 17:00 Python Practice – 22.10.27.
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Thursday 17:00 Python Practice – 22.10.27.

30 Oct Thursday 17:00 Python Practice – 22.10.27.

You could do the following homework using IDLE 

Question 1

Make a variable and assign a number to it (any number you like). Then display your variable using print.

Question 2

Modify your variable, either by replacing the old value with a new value, or by adding something to the old value. Display the new value using print.

Question 3

Make another variable and assign a string (some text) to it.
Then display it using print.

Question 4

Make a variable for DaysPerWeekHoursPerDay, and MinutesPerHour (or make up your own names), and then multiply them together.

Question 5

People are always saying there’s not enough time to get everything done. How many minutes would there be in a week if there were 26 hours in a day? (Hint: Change the HoursPerDay variable.)

Question 6: (Sample Question)

Write a program to solve the following question: Three people ate dinner at a restaurant and want to split the bill. The total is $35.27, and they want to leave a 15 percent tip. How much should each person pay?

Hint: you can create three variables to start:

>>> people = 3
>>> total = 35.27
>>> tip_percent = 0.15

then you could get the result by calculating step-by-step as following:

>>> tip = total * tip_percent
>>> final_total = total + tip
>>> each = final_total / people
>>> print(each)

Please finish the following question if you are grade 5 or above.

Question 7:  

Write a program to solve the following question: Calculate the area and perimeter of a rectangular room, 12.5 meters by 16.7 meters.

Hint: when you do this homework, you should assign all the numbers to the variable, such as:

>>> width = 12.5
>>> length = 16.7
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