TORONTO KIDS COMPUTER CLUB | Friday Python Practice – 22.08.05
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Friday Python Practice – 22.08.05

09 Aug Friday Python Practice – 22.08.05

Question 1:
Please using easygui to create the program we made in the class. The enter box will ask you password, if you get the right password, the msgbox will display the following image (You need download the following images and save into the same folder as your python program to allow the image be displayed):

if you enter the wrong password, the access denied image will be displayed:

Question 2:

A store is having a sale. They’re giving 10 percent off purchases of $10 or lower, and 20 percent off purchases of greater than $10. Write a program that asks the purchase price and displays the discount (10% or 20%) and the final price.

Sample Input 1:
How much: 10

Sample Output 1:
You got 10% discount and your final price is $9
Sample Input 2:
How much: 15.5

Sample Output 2:
You got 20% discount and your final price is $12.4
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