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Thursday Online

24 Jun Thursday Online Python Homework 06.20

Question 1 We are going to continue to work on the 'hero.db' database. Since we have already created a table called "heroes" in the database, we are going to add 2 more records in the table "heroes": Field name hero_level int_growth agi_growth str_growth hero_int hero_agi hero_str New record 1 Hercules 1 3.6 6 9.9 270 150 140 New record 2 Blade 1 10 18.5 14.5 40 28 39 Question 2: From all the records in...

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10 Jun Monday Online Python Homework 06.06

Question You supervise a small parking lot which has N parking spaces. Yesterday, you recorded which parking spaces were occupied by cars and which were empty. Today, you recorded the same information. How many of the parking spaces were occupied both yesterday and today? Input Specification: The first line of input...

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