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Monday 19:00 Homework

22 Jan Monday 19:00 Python Practice – 23.01.16

Question: Create a list called “attributes” , it contains “HP”, “Attack”, “Defense”, “Special Attack”, “Special Defense”, “Speed” Modify the list above, replace “Special Attack” and “Special Defense” with “Magic” and “Stamina” Add “Special skills” in the end of the list Delete “Speed” from the list. ...

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14 Jan Monday 19:00 Python Practice – 23.01.09

Question: Using split and join function of the list to change string "green,red,yellow,blue," into string: "green light* red light* yellow light* blue light* " Hint: >>> vegetables = "carrots, potatoes, onions, leeks, celery" >>> # string.split(separator) will split the string by separator, for example: >>> vegetables = vegetables.split(", ") >>> print(vegetables) ['carrots', 'potatoes', 'onions',...

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