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2021 Winter Camp

30 Dec 2021 Winter Camp -08

Question 1: Continue coding the program, so the program will tell you whether you can pay in the zone: height color zone if<90 red 1 elif<105 blue 1, 2 elif <120 green 1,2,3 elif <135 yellow 1,2,3,4,5 elif <150 purple 4,5 else white 6 Please continue coding the following program: print('Welcome to the adventureland!') while True: # this line means forever h= int(input('Height:'))    if h <...

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30 Dec 2021 Winter Camp -07

Question 1: A store is having a sale. They’re giving 10 percent off purchases of $10 or lower, and 20 percent off purchases of greater than $10. Write a program that asks the purchase price and displays the discount (10% or 20%) and the final price. Sample Input...

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27 Dec 2021 Winter Camp -05

Question 1: Write a program to use easygui enterbox that asks for your name, then street, then city, then province, then postal code (all in easygui message boxes). The program should then display a mailing-style full address that looks something like this: Hint: Do not forget to import easygui in order to...

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24 Dec 2021 Winter Camp -04

Question 1: You are in a bike race which goes up and down a hill. You could create two variables: uphillDistance and downhillDistance give the distance (in km) of both parts of the race. Write a program that will print out the total distance for the...

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22 Dec 2021 Winter Camp -03

You can do Question 1~ 3 in Python IDLE: Question 1. Use float() to create a number from a string like ‘12.34’. Make sure the result is really a number! Question 2. Try using int() to create an integer from a decimal number like 56.78. Did the answer get rounded up...

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