TORONTO KIDS COMPUTER CLUB | Aurora Monday 18:30 Python Homework 22.05.09.
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Aurora Monday 18:30 Python Homework 22.05.09.

13 May Aurora Monday 18:30 Python Homework 22.05.09.

Every girl likes shopping, so does Jessica. Now she finds the shop is increasing the price every day because the Spring Festival is coming. Her favorite shop named “memory”. Now she wants to know the rank of this shop’s price after the change of everyday.

Input Specification:
One line contains a number n ( n<=10000), stands for the number of shops.
Then n lines ,each line contains a string (the length is short than 31 and only contains lowercase letters and capital letters.) stands for the name of the shop.
Then a line contains a number m (1<=m<=50), stands for the days .
Then m parts , every parts contains n lines , each line contains a number s and a string p, stands for this day ,the shop p’s price has increased s.

Output Specification:
Contains m lines ,In the ith line print a number of the shop “memory” ‘s rank after the ith day. We define the rank as: If there are t shops’ price is higher than the “memory” , than its rank is t+1.

Sample Input 
49 memory
49 kfc
48 wind
80 kfc
85 wind
83 memory

Sample Output 
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