TORONTO KIDS COMPUTER CLUB | Aurora Saturday 14:30 Python Practice 22.03.05.
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Aurora Saturday 14:30 Python Practice 22.03.05.

12 Mar Aurora Saturday 14:30 Python Practice 22.03.05.

Question 1:
You are playing paintball on a 1000 × 1000 square field. A number of your opponents are on the field hiding behind trees at various positions. Each opponent can fire a paintball a certain distance in any direction. Can you cross the field without being hit by a paintball?

Assume that the southwest corner of the field is at (0, 0) and the northwest corner at (0,1000).

The input contains several scenario. Each scenario consists of a line containing n ≤ 1000, the number of opponents. A line follows for each opponent, containing three real numbers: the (x, y) location of the opponent and its firing range. The opponent can hit you with a paintball if you ever pass within
his firing range.

You must enter the field somewhere between the southwest and northwest corner and must leave somewhere between the southeast and northeast corners.

For each scenario, if you can complete the trip, output four real numbers with two digits after the decimal place, the coordinates at which you may enter and leave the field, separated by spaces. If you can enter and leave at several places, give the most northerly. If there is no such pair of positions, print the line:‘IMPOSSIBLE’

Sample Input
500 500 499
0 0 999
1000 1000 200

Sample Output
0.00 1000.00 1000.00 800.00

Question 2:
Once upon a time there was a greedy King who ordered his chief Architect to build a field for royal cricket inside his park. The King was so greedy, that he would not listen to his Architect’s proposals to build a field right in the park center with pleasant patterns of trees specially planted around and beautiful walks inside tree alleys for spectators. Instead, he ordered neither to cut nor to plant even a single tree in his park, but demanded to build the largest possible cricket field for his pleasure. If the Kind finds that the Architect has dared to touch even a single tree in his park or designed a smaller field that it was possible, then the Architect will loose his head. Moreover, he demanded his Architect to introduce at once a plan of the field with its exact location and size.

Your task is to help poor Architect to save his head, by writing a program that will find the maximum possible size of the cricket field and its location inside the park to satisfy King’s requirements.

The task is somewhat simplified by the fact, that King’s park has a rectangular shape and is situated on a flat ground. Moreover, park’s borders are perfectly aligned with North-South and East-West lines. At the same time, royal cricket is always played on a square field that is also aligned with North-South and East-West lines. Architect has already established a Cartesian coordinate system and has precisely measured the coordinates of every tree. This coordinate system is, of course, aligned with North-South and East-West lines. Southwestern corner of the park has coordinates (0, 0) and Northeastern corner of the part has coordinates (W, H), where W and H are the park width and height in feet respectively.

For this task, you may neglect the diameter of the trees. Trees cannot be inside the cricket field, but may be situated on its side. The cricket field may also touch park’s border, but shall not lie outside the park.

The input begins with a single positive integer on a line by itself indicating the number of the cases following, each of them as described below. This line is followed by a blank line, and there is also a blank line between two consecutive inputs.

The first line of the input file contains three integer numbers N, W, and H, separated by spaces. N (0 ≤ N ≤ 100) is the number of trees in the park. W and H (1 ≤ W, H ≤ 10000) are the park width and height in feet respectively.

Next N lines describe coordinates of trees in the park. Each line contains two integer numbers Xi and Yi separated by a space (0 ≤ Xi ≤ W, 0 ≤ Yi ≤ H) that represent coordinates of i-th tree. All trees are located at different coordinates.

For each test case, the output must follow the description below. The outputs of two consecutive cases will be separated by a blank line.

Write to the output file a single line with three integer numbers P, Q, and L separated by spaces, where (P, Q) are coordinates of the cricket field Southwestern corner, and L is a length of its sides. If there are multiple possible field locations with a maximum size, then output any one.

Note: This is a sample input and output that corresponds to the park plan that is shown on the picture.

Sample Input
7 10 7
3 2
4 2
7 0
7 3
4 5
2 4
1 7

Sample Output
4 3 4
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