TORONTO KIDS COMPUTER CLUB | Aurora Monday 18:30 Python Homework 20.09.21.
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Aurora Monday 18:30 Python Homework 20.09.21.

24 Sep Aurora Monday 18:30 Python Homework 20.09.21.

Problem Description
Jack is trying to invent some new words from old words. For every consonant (consonants are the letters except for a, e, i, o, u) in the old word is replaced by three letters, in the following order:

  • the consonant itself;
  • the vowel closest to the consonant in the alphabet (e.g., if the consonant is d, then the closest vowel is e), with the rule that if the consonant falls exactly between two vowels, then the vowel closer to the start of the alphabet will be chosen (e.g., if the consonant is c, then the closest vowel is a);
  • the next consonant in the alphabet following the original consonant (e.g., if the consonant is d, then the next consonant is f) except if the original consonant is z, in which case the next consonant is z as well.

Vowels in the word remain the same. (Vowels are a, e, i, o, u and all other letters are consonants.)

Write a program that convert a word into a new word.

Input Specification
The input consists of one word entirely composed of lower-case letters. There will be at least one letter and no more than 30 letters in this word.

Output Specification
Output the word as it would be translated into the new word on one line.

Sample Input 1

Output for Sample Input 1

Sample Input 2

Output for Sample Input 2

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